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Jealousy towards my boyfriend's ';girl friend';?

I've been with my boyfriend for about 10 months and a week now. I love him so much. We had a really rocky patch a few months back but we stuck it out. Now, I knew before I started dating him, that he had a lot of friends that were girls. I thought I would be one of those girls secure with herself, and that I wouldn't turn into a psycho. Well I did turn into one of those jealous girls. I hate it but, I have had problems with guys talking to ';Just Friends'; in the past and turns out there was something more. He originally told me that he and this girl were just friends. A few weeks into dating he mentioned that they had gone out but it just didn't work and they didn't talk for months. Now this girl is by my standards ';gorgeous'; shes a size 1...3 maybe, has big boobs, long blonde hair and blue eyes.( I'm pretty happy with my body.I've been told aside from the boob size I'm built like my idol Dita Von Teese so no complaints there) I've had bad experiences with girls like that stealing guys I was going for away from me. In December, on a day I was going Christmas shopping for him, this girl decided she wanted to come over and practice guitar with him ( she plays metal guitar..I just listen to metal music). Of course it had to be a day I couldn't come over. A week before that she had asked my boyfriend if he knew any good single guys. When he said he had one he knew she would like she replied ';YOU??? I thought you had a girlfriend already silly!!!'; My boyfriend doesn't understand just how evil girls can be, and laughed it off. He thinks that if he says he has a girlfriend automatically girls get the message. He doesn't see all the girls eyeballing him when we go out. I've watched girls follow us around the store and try and brush past him, until I give them the ';I'll poke your eyes out b**** '; look. Now back to this girl. I told him I didn't like them talking until I met her and saw how they were together. It nearly caused us to break up because he said I didn't like any of his ';girl friends';. ( NOT TRUE: His one friend is amazing and we get along great. She always makes sure at parties she has to introduce me as his girlfriend.And she is very down to earth.) This girl...she began IM-ing him while I was at my job for 8 hours. I quit that job a while ago, but when I would come home at 2:30 and walk into my room he would quickly shut down the IM box. Turns out she would be talking to him for hours each day. We had a huge discussion about him talking to her, and eventually they just quit talking. We got into a fight recently, and go F*n figure this girl who hasn't been online for months, signs back on, and as he IM's her she was all '; OMG THATS SO FUNNY! I was just thinking about talking to you today!!!';. He has invited her to hang out with us before, and she's always too busy when she knows I'll be there, but when she was going to come play guitar when he lived at his parents house %26amp; knew it would just be the two of them. Well she had time until she got called into work or something...IDK exactly why she changed plans that day it was something like that.

I don't know..Now that they are talking again and she is back on-line they are talking a few times a week. I don't mind him talking to ';girl friends'; considering I'm mutual friends with the one, but this girl...I just have a horrible feeling about her. I don't know is my seething jealous wrong? Or should I still keep an eye on this? Jealousy towards my boyfriend's ';girl friend';?
okay, first off, your feelings are SO normal. jealousy is how us girls show we care. im in college, and i swear to you, the girls get hotter, and more aggressive, it's awful.

it's cute when a girl gets jealous, and understandable, but at times, you must keep it to yourself or you'll scare your man away! insecurity is SO unattractive, i'm sure you've seen other couples display it. don't be the idiot girlfriend who had a great boyfriend but couldn't believe he was all hers! he would not stay with you if he didn't love you. quit focusing on her, and focus on him!! buy some sexy lingerie and and show off your body for him, clearly, your boyfriend likes a confident woman. or if you aren't participating in that yet -- bake him some of his favorite treats and hide a sweet note in it.

and always keep your eye out, but don't let it stress you out like this.

good luck!!Jealousy towards my boyfriend's ';girl friend';?
keep an eye everything in ur power to get her out of the pic. Girls cannot be trusted no matter what, she sounds like a whore. Goodluck, get her out of his life and fast!
Your first instincts are usually always right. It sounds like something might be going on between them. I would keep an eye on them.
calm down, hes not with her or something
All about trust here..if you love him, trust him no matter what
You should break up with him. He clearly will not stop being ';friends'; with girls no matter what you say to him. If I were you I would tell him, calmly '; i thought I could handle you having so many female friends. But when I found out you dated one of your female friends thats where I draw the line. She is an EX for a reason. You should not be friends with an ex. I do not feel comfortable around (specific girls name) her and I dont want to see you anymore if you continue to call her and see her. I should be more important than some friend of yours.'; And if he doesnt take you seriously or chooses that girl over you, you have your answer. He will always choose her (or them) over you then. No matter what. So when she tries to steal your man he will not know what hit him until he is under her spell, and by then doesnt care about you anymore to see you were right.

So you need to give him the ultimatum

';me or her'; Plain and simple.

My BF does not have any female friends. He has male friends only. Some have GFs that he is friendly with but only because they are his friends' GFs. My BF is NOT friends with any of his ';exs'; nor would I allow him to be. And the same goes for me. I really dont have any male friends and I do not speak to any exs of mine.

Exs are exs for a reason which means never speak to them again!
i'm really sorry you are going through a hard time. i'm a jealous girlfriend sometimes ti so i understand what you are telling me.

you can either have faith in your love and if you thinks he treats you the way you want and that you feel really confident with him and he wouldn't do anything, just trust him

however, please talk to him, calmly about it and tell him that although you really trust him, it's that girl/those girls you don't trust. and be sure and don't tell him ';you shouldn't'; or ';don't talk to her'; just tell him that it makes you feel bad and unhappy.

if he loves you he should try to help you and the relationship you have together.

if you know he will just say no and never stop talking or change anything for you...i don't know... it won't mean he doesn't love may just mean that he is a bit selfish and is not trying to put the same effort as you are putting trying so hard to understand and be a good girlfriend

you both have to work it out. BOTH OF YOU

All the best! GOOD LUCK!
The answer to your question depends entirelly on you....and him.

Do you trust him?

If yes. Then tell him your concern. Tell him it bothers you. Tell him why. ONCE. and then drop it forever.

If no.....I think you know what to do.
i have always been the type to have more male friends than female friends but I'll tell you one thing; once i get into a relationship with a guy and hes my boyfriend I no longer hang out on a one-on-one basis with my male friends. Its my own personal rule that I set for myself in order to keep the respect for my boyfriend. I will still talk and catch up with my male friends wether its on the phone or in this case like ur boyfriend; on IMs......... but honestly i feel there is a line that should be drawn somewhere. Yes you do need to trust him but if youre the only one doing any compromising then its not a fair relationship. Perhaps if you just ask him to respect the fact that youre not comfortable with him being one-on-one with his girl friends then he can at least work with you on that. Trust me, im all about keeping friendships regardless of new relationships because its not fair to throw away an old friend just because youve met someone new BUT like i said.. theres a line that needs to be drawn in order to keep the new relationship happy. If hes not willing to compromise at all, you might want to take a break and really think about what youre willing to put up with in order to be happy.

I have feelings a girl with a boyfriend. I can't get rid of these feelings. What should I do?

I try to see other girls but when I kiss them I keeping thinking about her (I seem to imagine that I'm kissing her).

I still have very strong feeling for her but she has a boyfriend. I never told her how I felt because I don't want to ruin our friendship and I also sort of work with her too.

The girl is way out of my league according to my friends.I have feelings a girl with a boyfriend. I can't get rid of these feelings. What should I do?
sadly, you cant do anything, just be friends and u never know what might happen in the futureI have feelings a girl with a boyfriend. I can't get rid of these feelings. What should I do?
just move on, u'll be fine
Your friends are probably trying to spare your feelings, and having the opposite result.

Find a way to ';just be friends'; with this girl. Keep up conversation, share a little secret or two, and never do anything to break her trust, like telling her you fantasize about her naked.

Chances are the current b/f will go away sooner or later. The key is to be patient. When that happens, she'll need comfort and reassurance, and who better to provide it than her trusted friend. If things are meant to be, nature will take it's course.

If they're not meant to be, at least you'll know, and you can join the millions of other guys who have to settle for fantasizing about girls they can't have. Odds are pretty good that you'll eventually find one you're really into that you CAN have. It might even happen while you're being patient with the other one!

Good luck!
stay friends

what the hell is a league anyways, i think any guy can get any girl under the right circumstance
Work to attract her. If she still doesn't respond, find another girl who looks just like her, and see if she can compete for you. If not, you found a new girl anyway, so who needs her. Maybe you like her too much and put her on a pedestal, not seeing her faults. She has them, all women do. Good luck.
if she is with someone or isnt interested in you then stop trying to live a fantasy or it will end up bad for both of you or just you. you need to stop trying to get with her and just be friends at best. its not fair to her bf if you try to steal her from him and youll make an awkward situation for both of you if you try to take it further and she had no idea you felt that way. if she really wants to be with you then she will come onto you just stop trying to get with her and stay with other girls.
How would you like for a guy to hit on your girlfriend? Put yourself in his place

Making boyfriend a convincing girl for halloween?

I am a 17 year old female, and my boyfriend is thin but athletic. I made a bet to a friend that he could pass as a REAL girl at the next Halloween and i want to get a early start. I have to dress him up as a girl of less that 18 years old! I need advice and help! The bet is HUGE and I don't want to loose! I don't know what to do.

He is cool with it because he gets half the money!!

he is prepared to do alot! this should be fun help me

you think i should do eyebrows and nails and all that? it would prob make it more convincing wat u think....

pictures on how i should do his eyebrows would help alot thanksMaking boyfriend a convincing girl for halloween?
Get a stencil, outline it with a pencil, and then start tweezing. Or you could use a razor for eyebrows, or wax. (But that hurts the most!)

I suggest razors. They don't hurt AT ALL.Making boyfriend a convincing girl for halloween?
1 wax his hair and shape his eyebrows

2 get a good girly dress for him

3 put a wig of long silky colored hair

4 teach him to talk like a girl

5 do some good make up to make him look like a GIRL.

6 put nail polish on his long nails

GOOD LUCK!! win the bet
the following keyword searches should be helpful for you

use diffrent combinations of the words

for example Drag queen makeup

Transgendered --- Make up

cross dressing --- beauty (tips, hints, or secrets)

drag queen --- cosmetics

gay --- make over

I also listed one website that came up that helped with eyes etc.
Me and a few girl friends did this to our guy friends/boyfriends, and the result can hardly go wrong.

Well, for starters, wigs are always great, especially on guys, because you don't have any obnoxious pony tail lumps sticking out. Even put something on top of the wig, like a headband or something.

Eyebrows, I'm not an expert on, so pay attention to other people.

Jewelery is always good- get some fake pearls or other costume jewelery from target, they have tons of great stuff. Clip-on earings are also very affective.

Either lend him or buy him a bra- not too large to look sarcastic/exaggerated, but about the size of a 16-18 year old. Stuff it, of course.

Clothes wise, for him being atheletic, I assume that means he probably has some biceps, so don't dress him in a tank top (you'd also have pit hair problems with that) but go for something with bubblier, looser sleaves. Or a shirt-dress. Or a tailored women's blazer. Skirts are great, as well as dresses. Make him wear tights too. If he doesn't feel comfortable walking in heals, just let him wear converses, or something else unisex.
Okay, first you need to wax his eyebrows, then curl his eyelashes and use some mascara, he definitely need some eyeliner and get him comfortable with wearing high heels so it will look more natural when he walks then go to a wig shop for bald people like on the net and get a good one not just a 3.00 Halloween one. Gel his hair down really good and put on the wig. Get some accessories like clips or barrettes and make it look believable, then you just need the clothes. I would make him shave his legs (or do it for him)and wear a skirt, it would be more believable, plus you could shave his arm pits and get a cute T-shirt, and if he has big arm muscles then get a sweater to go over it, you could get some of those silicone bra inserts for him, but a good size, like a B or something and then he would be set.
sure wax his body, also do his nails and eyebrows

Should I make friends with my boyfriends girl friend?

Ok so my boyfriend met this girl about Id say a little bit over a week ago and hes always saying shes so cool and that we have alot in common also that shes so much like me and its so crazy!

he insists were going to be bestfriends an wants me to meet her badly or so it seems..but the thing is he talks about her alot almost like me and her are the same! and once I was on the phone and he was normal but the minute she poped up he seemd and happy and bubbly! I dont want to make it seem like he likes her or jump to conclusions because I hate it when he gets jelouse and Ive only been jelous of 2 girls since weve been together in our 3year relationship..but it just seems like its getting out of hand and everytime I say something like we'll see if we'll be good friends or not he keeps insisting and saying ';trust me you will!..I know what Im talking about'; and its not that I don't trust my boyfriend I mean I could have it all wrong and maybe Im overreacting but it just seems kind of strange how he seems to have gotten so attached to her so quickly..she even said that hes her bestfriend! and he was so happy about it and kept telling me about how she said that so I really don't know what to he wants to introduce us tomorrow but I don't know what to do!? should I go threw with it? what should I say when we talk? how should I start a convo? what if she flirts with him infront of me or somthing? I dont know what to do! help!!!Should I make friends with my boyfriends girl friend?
Sounds like he might really just want to be friends with her, right now at least. I would definitely go meet her and try to be friends with her. If you don't go he will probably get offended and wonder what the deal is. Before you go I would let him know that it's bothering you he is so attached, let him know you don't mind her being his friend but to make sure he doesn't take it too far. If he starts flirting with her in front of you try your best to play it off like it doesn't bother you and when you leave tell him you caught him. Chances are he will say he wasn't flirting... if he gets defensive about it you have a problem and you either need to make him stop being friends with him or start looking around because good chance something is going to happen. You know him better than anyone so just feel him out, you know when hes acting strange. The worst thing YOU can do is not talk to him or let him know whats on your mind.Should I make friends with my boyfriends girl friend?
What's his ulterior motive? I think he's totally bogus and that he has already moved on and is just stringing you along. For you to be asking this question shows that you think so too. Tell him exactly how you feel and be prepared to move on. He's wasting your time.
grrrr you should meet her and then punch her in the vag.

i think we both know why they get along so well... and there's nothing wrong with getting what you want. you dont want her to hang around him and you dont want to be friends with her, so just prevent it!
I think you should befriend her cause it seems to me that he really would want you two to hit it off. If he says you guys are a lot in common, just start a convo of what you like.
i once walked to class on the weekend. once i realized that class was not going on, i turned to the left and ran. where did i run?
Yes, by all means go meet her. He's very interested in you doing so. You should always know your boyfriend's friends, and it's more suspicious if they say ';no you can't meet her';.
I think its good to always make friends with as many people as you can
yoiu dont hace to be best friendss with her

just casual stuff

you guys must have something in common if your boyfriend likes both of you
Yeah to know her that way if yall cool if your boyfriend try to do something not saying he would she wouldnt allow it. Just get to know her its nothing wrong with you getn to know his friends
I wouldnt like it if my bf was best friends with a girl. I think when your in a relationship, you should only casually be acquainted with ppl of the opposite sex
I think we both know what you have to do. Just be sure to hide the body where no one will find it.
tell him that.

i wouldnt want to be friends with her. it will make things to complicated
i would at least try to be her friend
dont trust her. he could fall for her so easalie. if shes like you u should tyr to keep his focuse on you
I think his attraction for this girl is a bit unhealthy.He appears to be creating in her a twin like or mirror image of you.His feelings have been split between you and I fear that it might seem normal for him to have a relationship with the both of you at the same time.Talk to him about how you feel.because he may not realise what is happening to him,and I doubt that he truly wishes to harm your relationship.This other girl may only think of your b/f as a ';best friend only';,no sexual attraction,but she could have a different agenda.Meet her,talk with her and you might get a better understanding and perspective.You never know she might turn out to be a a good friend to you.Best of luck..
Yes, make friends with her. You are over reacting. If your boyfriend wanted to break up with you, then he would have done it during the 3 years that you have been going out. You should be more worried if he kept all of this a secret from you. He's telling you something and expects you to trust him. She is just a friend. Everyone is happy to meet people that understand them.
if i were you I would not be ok with that at all ... Your suppose to be his best friend and everything. That seems a little to wierd and who knows his ';best friend' probably likes him more than a friend and that is just wrong. Just talk to him and tell him whats goin on with this new friend of yours and that you feel a little uncomfortable about their friendship. If it were me I would start askin questions asap...but yea do what ur gut tells you becuz now a days girls do not care if a man is taken or not.. they want sumthin they will get it point blank
Yes make friends with her because at least then if you don't like her and she is after your man you have your eyes on her but also remember to keep your eyes on him he seems to like her a lot. If at any time you feel they are getting to close you have to tell your boyfriend you feel this way rather than it boiling over and leading to a fight which would only help the girls situation if shes interested in him.
Make friends with her!!! Maybe then she will respect u enough 2 stop playing 4 the guy (if she is). And if she flirts in front of u dont get all jealous and protective. If u want 2 embarrass her just giggle and say ';wow, flirty arent we?';

And a boy i no (lets call him austin) talked about his gf to me 4 years. He was always trying to arrange for us 2 meet, for the same reasons. We ended up meeting at soccer practice without his help, and we were best friends ever since. Austin was just thrilled that we were friends.

And anyway, if he were cheating, why would he want u 2 meet the girl? Also, he says shes so much like u. This means he obviously likes those same qualities in both u and the other girl, so why would he ever switch girls?

GOOD LUCK, hope this helps!!!
There is a book called Blackout Enlighten that shares a journey with love and relationship, experience of happiness of loving someone and being loved, and the wonderful feeling of being complete. You can order this book on the Barnes and Nobel website or Amazon i really recommend it. You should trust your boyfriend, especially if you have not caught him cheating. Most guys who have friends that our girls are most of the time just friends, you can tell if there was something going on between them, he would not talk about her as much nor get all happy acting when the three of you all are around each other. Trust yourself and know that your man is yours, whatever you do tomorrow make sure you don't have your guard up, be confident and know that you are the best woman for your man.
yeah i'd go see her! as a matter of fact i'd be really interested to go see who she is and what she looks like! if he liked her that way then he wouldn't be talking about her in front of you.. just go see what's going on. see if she's got any bad intentions and trying to come between you two. if she flirted with him i'd say give her a dirty look! i'd do it! i mean what the heck. don't be too nice in front of her cuz then she thinks you're stupid! don't get too close with her either. see what's really going on and what she wants. I mean if he's with u, why does she says to him that he's her best friend. that's kinda odd for her to get so close with him all of a sudden. go find out girl! and smack the ***** down if she was getting too nice with ur bf! I mean what the hell! i'd be jealous as hell!
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  • Hey everyone please help. there is a girl that i have very strong feelings for but she has a boyfriend.?

    Hey everyone please help. there is a girl that i have very strong feelings for but she has a boyfriend.?

    this girl already said she likes me and she is confused. her boyfriend is an abusive jealouse dick. and judging by what she sais she will dump him soon to be with me. can i get some advice here on how to make this process smoother and to ensure that it works in my favor. or just any advice would help. thanks!!Hey everyone please help. there is a girl that i have very strong feelings for but she has a boyfriend.?
    TELL HER, it sound as if she likes you. Youve got nothing to lose act now or regret later.

    Good Luck.

    Help:鈥?/a>Hey everyone please help. there is a girl that i have very strong feelings for but she has a boyfriend.?
    Just be there for her when she is sad and stuff, like when she needs to talk to someone after her and her boyfriend have had a fight.. However, make sure you don't between them, let them breakup because of each other, not because of you.. So, give her space as well..
    if hes mean to her and finds out your trying to take her away, hes probably going to come after you if you make your presence known. So let her sort it out with her boyfriend and hopefully they break up, you can't make her break up with him you just have to sit back and be patient. Eventually they will break up, the amount of time it takes to do that varies from relationship to relationship though. Just be supportive to her and show her how happy she will be with you and how you'll take care of her properly.

    Hope it all works out
    she could just be using you as an excuse to get away from the b/f.

    if she's not happy, anything will be better than what she has one day she will wake up and realise that maybe your not what she wants after all, but you were there for her when she needed you!
    so what, go on tell her that you love her, and let her decide,

    Tip - Gift her flowers daily, start with Pink roses, then gradually she be yours one day!
    You must like drama... otherwise, you'd already have moved on. It sounds like this girl is only happy with a dramatic issue and a lot of attention. I see it happen all too often... move on
    Never ever be the rebound guy because she'll do the same thing to you later on, as soon as things don't go her way you'll be dumped too. Start off being her friend and give her time to heal from the pain and emotional stress this last guy has put her through. I use to be the queen of rebounding and in the end the guy that I rebounded to got dumped for someone else, I didn't stop doing that until I took 5mos. off from dating and rebound sex. Now I've met a wonderful guy and the problems from my past relationships never come up.
    Stay out of it until she brakes up with him.
    Be cool with her. And try to help her. Tell her she is better than that, and deserves u over that abusive asshole. The best strategy, is to give it some time. She just needs to build up to leaving him. She'll do it sooner or later.

    Are there guys that can practically get with almost any girl?

    And if so, how do they fair with girls with boyfriends?

    If they exist, I may work with one. He’s 33, 6’1”, in decent shape, and something of a player. I know he’s had his way with a good number of women, but he brags a little bit too much. He said he gauged from her body language at a Christmas party that he could score my gf if he tried. I almost decked him, but I told him – you don’t know her if that’s what you think.

    Foolishly, its turned into a wager. And the stakes aren’t low: he’s going to give me all of his billable hours for a case we’re working on (we’re both associates at a civil defense law firm, and billable hours are of incredible value.) one way or the other with my end of the wager being fulfilled if I have the guts not step in the way and let him do what he has to. If I block her, or if I refuse to allow it to be confirmed (ie I’ll let him ask my gf at the next function in a way that doesn’t reveal the wager), I have to give him my billables. Our billable are due at the end of the month, so that put a pretty good time limit on things.

    On Jan 12 there was a bar association function, and he fairly openly flirted with my wife. He even asked to dance with her. I didn’t step in, and they danced a little, but at the end of the night she came home with me. I called him, and said guese your game is over – and he said, not necessarily. Give him until this Saturday morning, and if he hasn’t gotten anything by Friday night, he’ll throw in the towel. But don’t count on it.

    Then, out of nowhere, my gf says that she is going out on Friday with her one friend. She goes out with her friends once or twice a month, so that she’s going out is no big deal – but why just this one this time? And the timing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m worried, but I guesse I brought this on myself. I still trust her. But still – what are the odds?Are there guys that can practically get with almost any girl?
    uhhh... im sorry im lost.Are there guys that can practically get with almost any girl?
    Look you shouldn't be doing this kind of stuff in the first place!! This is the best way of loosing your girlfriend/wife. Just grow up and stop being stupid. If she loves you then she won't go off with anyone. Just don't let her find out what you've done or you will loose her and no mistake!!! Silly man.
    Not sure but a standing C*ck has no conscious
    i disagree with the other reviews... if you love someone, and let them go, if they come back, they love you back, if not, they never really did... good luck bro!
    To answer your question, I don't think that there's any one guy who can have any girl he wants (especially this one.) He's clearly not only extrememly self-absorbed and neurotic, but a complete *** for choosing your girlfriend to seduce.Women appreciate and recognize good, honest guys and while he might have her fooled initially, she will most likely seize him up for what he really is. This guy seems very threatened, either by you or some other aspect of his life. By trying to prove to you that he could convince your girlfriend to cheat on you with him, he's attemping to validate himself. While it is understandable that you might want to ';prove to yourself'; that she won't cheat on you by not talking to her and waiting to see what happens, it would be much healthier for both of you if you discuss this.If she understands what's going on, she won't have an affair regardless of whather she was planning to or not. Ask her not to tell him about your discussion and let him assume that he lost. Whatever you do, don't let his minipulative games come between you and her.
    I can not believe that you took this wager on! If your partner finds out (which she probably will) then she is not going to be happy with you and it may even be the end of your relationship. Is that what you want? There are some blokes with no morals who will go with other people's wifes / girlfriends and think that is ok so it might happen. He is obviously not a friend if he is doing this to you and you are showing your partner no respect by letting this happen. Call it off now before it ruins your life.
    The odds are good that he will get your girl.By not ';block[ing]'; his actions, you just opened the door. He knew what he was doing when he asked you to let him conduct his business without interference.

    When you let him flirt and dance with her; you gave your girlfriend the message that you aren't paying enough attention to her and that you don't care what she does and who she does it with. He very likely planted the seed; and you confirmed it by being so nonchalant.

    Women want to be desired. If he seems to desire her more than you do, it's over.

    This is all hypothetical: you probably don't have a gf or wife (you can't even rember which she is)
    You are playing with fire my friend, very foolish............
    if she loves you she wont do anything and if that guy is a friend of yours he shouldn't be pulling that sh*t. I really don't know what to tell you.
    If you two really love eachother chances are she won't, but just betting on that obviously made you not trust her. It's not a good idea to do that. Maybe you should confess to her...
    honestly are you stupid? you do not bet on that kinda things!

    if she goes off with him it will be your own fault
    Sounds like the plot for a film..starring Robert Redford..let's call it 'Indecent Proposal' lol!
    I don't think any guy could have ';ANY'; girl.

    Be really nice to the GF for the next few weeks. Show her you love her more than ever before and she'll be less likely to stray.

    On the other hand, this could be a good time to find out what kind of woman she is. I realize that billables are very important, but don't know what to know what she'll do?

    I think he should have to prove what he did. A picture is in order.

    Good luck, I hope she doesn't cheat and you get his billables.
    I'm sorry to say, these people do exist.

    How far is this supposed to go? Does he just have to go out with her one night to win the bet or does he need to sleep with her? This could be a huge turning point, you must have trusted her to so easily make the bet, so if you win you'll see you trust was deserved. But if you lose, what will you do? If she cheats on you, you can't really stay with her, it just wouldn't work.

    But how does he prove he's done it? Does he tell you where and you just happen to turn up?

    Good luck, but personally, I don't trust her.
    Yeah, you definitely brought this on yourself. Is there anyone you can call who can find out for you if this friend really made plans with your gf?
    It's possible, but this is a good test for both of you. If she loves you, she'll realize that shes not doign the right thing and doesnt want to be with this tool. Otherwise, I guess your in for a suprise.
    Wow. That sounds pretty complicated. I was with a guy who sounds similar to this other guy you were talking about. He was very handsome, smart, funny...but he was a player. He ended up cheating on I kinda know how that is. If I were you, I would probably have decked him out. Haha, I know that sounds bad. So about your girlfriend, did she flirt back with him? I think you should confront her about it. It may lead to a fight...but it's just something that you gotta work at. If she really loves you, she would have the capacity to tell you the truth. I wish you the best of luck :)
    To answer the first part of your question, no. No matter how rich, or good looking, or suave, or famous a guy is, there is no Dhali Llama of the horizontal polka. There will always be women who have enough self-respect to avoid being easy. Then of course there's the entire lesbian population, but whether they count as ';being on the radar'; is more of a matter of personal opinion.

    For the second part of your question... seriously, you shouldn't have even made that wager in the first place. First, its reeaallyy disrespectful to your girlfriend and women in general to bet on her faithfulness. If she were to ever find out the truth behind this predicament, I guarantee that things will not end well for you or your relationship. Second, if you knew your friend was a Casanova and you are so concerned about the loyalty of your girlfriend, then why would you even agree to the wager in the first place?

    If you truly love your girlfriend and if you are truly worried that she might be unfaithful, then you should go to your ';friend'; IN PERSON and lay down the law. Tell him that it was a stupid thing to do and that you refuse to take part in the wager anymore. As a matter of fact, you should insist that there was no wager in the first place. If this guy has any amount of respect for his fellow man, he'll understand and things will go on as if nothing ever happened. If he doesn't comply, and if I were in your shoes, I would seriously have no arguments against decimating his pretty-boy face until he couldn't recognize himself anymore.

    But either way, you're kind of in a rough spot. You could either let things play out and possibly lose your girl, or you could swallow your pride and end the bet here and now. Between you and me, I'd go with the latter. Besides, in the off-chance that you get beat up, you'll get brownie points for defending her honor!
    Yup, I didn;t read this whole monologue, but if that is how you communicate with're screwd
    He'll be nut-deep by Newsnight
    Your a fool, some guys believe they can have any woman they want and as a result generaly do.

    You need to trust your gf. if she is going out with the girls and you accuse her af anything she will be heart broken when you explain the bet. Also if something does happen with this other guy the its obvoious you shouldnt be together long term. Just dont tell him she is going out, then see if he says anything after friday if he does then confront your gf

    hope you have learnt a lesson from all this.
    That's pretty screwed up and she's going to kick your *** when she find's out she's at the bottom of a stupid bet.
    Is she your wife or gf? You referred to her as one or the other atleast on two occassions that I read.
    Tricky game you are playing there!!If your girlfreind loves you then you have nothing to worry about!!Lets hope that this big head that you work with is proven wrong and your girlfreind turns him down!! x
    See... the reason i do not believe this is simple... the one paragraph in the middle... you call her your wife. So you screwed the story up. But nice story. I mean... seriously. Very close to a twisted Indecent Proposal. I like your story telling and i like the stakes. I just WISH you wouldnt have called her your wife at the Bar association party.

    ';On Jan 12 there was a bar association function, and he fairly openly flirted with my wife. He even asked to dance with her.';

    Ruined it for me. But to answer your question, no. Their is no oe that can get with anyone. Now, their probably ARE women that can get any man. So... look out!

    What do i do if the girl i love cheated on her boyfriend with me while drunk?

    I'm in love with a girl and we dated for 14 months. We broke up and she got over me but i was unable to get over her and she said she still likes me but has a boyfriend. This girl is not a cheater. She had a party and just about everyone was drunk. She was all over her boyfriend but he didnt drink and he left early. I was sleeping over, along with like 10 other people, and me and her made way to her room and i kissed her. (we were both drunk) we started making out and she put her hands down my pants. We are both totally against cheating and when she was done we both flipped out and wondered what we had just done. She is mad at me now for kissing her and she talks to me but she seems like she doesnt want to talk to me. How should me and her handle this? What can i do to make things between us better? She doesnt want me hanging out with her now because she thinks ill pull the same move. And i am seriously unable to get over her. Thanks.What do i do if the girl i love cheated on her boyfriend with me while drunk?
    Respect her wishes. Stay away. She might feel as you have taken advantage of her drunkeness. I know it might feel mutual, but if you we're that drunk and ur not sure, don't do it.

    Sorry bro, nothing you can do.What do i do if the girl i love cheated on her boyfriend with me while drunk?
    just pretend it had never happen
    If she wanted to be with you, she'd be with you and not her boyfriend. You need to seriously move on and let her go. The fact that you were at her house and the both of you were drunk and her boyfriend left you alone with her says that he trusted you enough not to mess with his girl while he was away. You shouldn't have followed her up to her room. I think you were just looking for an opportunity to get her alone. Move on dude.
    Tell her boyfriend what happened and leave her alone.
    There isn't anything you can do. You remind her of her own bad behavior, so she'll probably always hate you for leading her astray. You should just say you're sorry and leave her alone. And stop drinking.